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Thank You to Our Supporters

Dear Supporters,

I want to express my deep gratitude for all of your support during my recent campaign for Mayor of Austin. Your contributions, time, and efforts to spread our common-sense message for Austin’s future have not gone unappreciated and I am so grateful for all that you have done.

Although we did not prevail with the needed number of votes to make the runoff, I am proud of the campaign we ran and the hearts and minds that we won. We ran a common-sense campaign to lower our property tax bills (without cutting any existing services), to effectively address rising crime, to properly and adequately support our first responders, and to strengthen the local economy. Our focus would have been on what the true purpose of city government is: to provide core municipal services well. We were excited about the prospect of leading to restore our beloved Austin back to a clean, safe, and affordable city.

I am now focused on retiring my personal $80K campaign debt, so I can continue to positively affect the future of Austin, and so we can continue working to influence policy at City Hall. Your generosity by contributing up to $450 (per person limit) will help chip away at this debt. We are now a known and important voting bloc, but it will take money, tenacity, and effective leadership for us to maintain and to build.

I genuinely appreciate each and every one of you.

Kindest regards,

Jennifer Virden

Please Donate to Help Retire My Campaign Debt

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