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A Note to D10 Voters

If you live in District 10, vote Jennifer Virden this November. I will be the fiscally responsible voice on the Austin City Council.


Mismanagement by our current City Council is so flagrant that it's impossible to ignore it any longer. Whether or not we Austinites want, or can afford, to continue building our lives in this world-class city is at stake. The time for real change is now.


My Platform


Opposed to the $7.1 BILLION "Project Connect"


Homeless Population - REINSTATE the Camping Ban / Cleanup / REAL Solutions


Opposed to "De-Funding the Police" (or AFD, EMS)


Opposed to any Land Development Code (f/k/a CodeNEXT) rewrite that includes blanket zoning (comprehensive rezoning of nearly the whole city at once), or that doesn't include required notice to neighbors, or that takes away our legal right to protest. I'm FOR maintaining our property values, property rights and for maintaining the precious green space that we have left "inside the loop".


You can catch me on KLBJ 99.7 FM, KLBJ 590 AM, KOKE 99.3 FM and KOKE 98.5 FM. Click the buttons below to hear my 30-second radio spots.


Reinstate the Cadet Class

Reinstate the Homeless Camping Ban

Community Policing

"Can't Afford It. Can't Board It."


Join Me

November 3rd is the date we can change our current trajectory back in a direction toward what makes us so proud to be Austinites. Together, we will get back on the track of affordability and revive our city's image on the national stage.



Public Safety

We mustn't recklessly turn our backs on first responders by reacting to a vocal few, without first gathering data. Virtually overnight, our city became less safe by a rash, unanimous City Council vote. We need a carefully thought out, holistic approach to public safety (police and fire).

Project Connect

The Homeless

The cost of Project Connect is astronomical. Who wants to pay hundreds of dollars extra per year in property taxes for 10+ years before the first shovel of dirt is turned over, especially if you personally will never use it? Keep in mind we are undergoing a probably-permanent transformation to tele-commuting due to COVID-19.

Let's fulfill our responsibilities to our homeless 'family' and support our community. I have some exciting, real solutions to share with you about how our homeless can receive the crucial services that they need and deserve. 


About Me

My name is Jennifer Virden and I am a native Austinite. I have lived in what is now District 10 for almost all of my 53 years and have built a career as an independent real estate broker and remodeling GC. I remember when "Don't Mess with Texas" and "Keep Austin Weird" were coined; I didn't just arrive here in Austin from out of town and decide to try running for City Council because I need a job.

I am married to a Midwesterner from Iowa who got here as fast as he could to pursue a career in high tech. We have two amazing, grown children who made us empty nesters not too long ago. My children and I all graduated from Doss Elementary School, Murchison Middle School, Anderson High School, The University of Texas at Austin, and we all took classes at ACC along the way.

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