First and foremost, I’m a proud native Austinite. I’ve known since a very young age how lucky I am to have been born and raised in the best city in the country. I’m betting that just like me, you are sure that there’s no other place you’d rather call home.

However, our success as a city has created several important challenges today and for our future. My love for Austin and my desire to lead in successfully addressing these challenges are why I’m running to be the next Mayor of Austin. Unlike most who serve on our City Council and are running for Mayor, I bring 30 years of business and management experience with me. I understand the challenges faced as a resident of Austin and as a business owner. It is the lack of experience and the lack of competent, common-sense leadership that has permitted our most serious problems to grow.

As your next Mayor, I will work to strengthen the local economy while pursuing policies that address the rising cost of living in Austin. We will finally solve the Austin ISD recapture problem and ensure our city is as nurturing to our children as it has been to us. We will make Austin better by prioritizing the safety of our city and its residents. We will provide leadership that looks to the future and will make City Hall better serve the public that elected us.

Here’s a little about my background. My dad was a commercial and residential builder, and I grew up spending time with him on his jobsites. He was a very creative “solutions” man. Like him, I have always had a strong work ethic, and creative problem-solving skills are a part of my DNA. I’ve enjoyed working since middle school, when I had a 300-paper weekend route in Northwest Hills, in addition to helping my dad on his construction projects. While I attended Anderson High School, I worked in law offices conducting real estate closings and preparing title policies. And, while I attended UT-Austin, I worked a manufacturing job at the old IBM facility where The Domain is now.

In 1991, I graduated from UT-Austin with a BBA in Finance. Shortly thereafter, I went to work with Dell. In 1993, I had my first child and left Dell. As a working mom, my business was certified by the City of Austin as a Woman-Owned Business, and for 12 years, I managed over 20 single-family homes in the heart of East Austin, which were part of a City of Austin low-income housing development’s lease-to-own program.

In the early 2000’s, I started my current real estate and construction business. That was back when you could still submit a hand-drawn sketch and walk out the same day with a remodeling permit. I’ve come a long way from there. My business has grown over the years and I love what I do. Each client is a VIP to me, and my design/build projects are works of art for me. I’m a stickler for details and perfection.

During my life in Austin, I have been a child, a college-student, a working mom, a business owner, a builder, and a community advocate. Those experiences, combined with my detail and solution-oriented mindset, give me the leadership skills needed to be your next Mayor. If you put your trust in me to lead, build consensus, and get things done, I promise I will do what is best for our city. My mantra is: “I want to make Austin an even better place than I found it.”