The Economy & Cost of Living

Inflation and the pandemic have had major impacts on our local economy. As Mayor, I will address the rising cost of living and red-tape to help our neighbors, local businesses, and economy thrive. 

  • Freeze property taxes for seniors. 
  • Bring property tax rates down as valuations increase.
  • Reduce the growing tax burden to help homeowners, renters and businesses stay in Austin.
  • Help our local businesses and their employees recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, including leading a “Buy Local” campaign.
  • Streamline the permitting process, simplify the codes, and increase the diversity and supply of housing.
  • Reduce water & energy rates to leave more money in people’s pockets.
  • See my full position paper on Austin’s land development code and housing issues here.

Austin's Children

Our children and grandchildren don’t get to vote but they are the most important members of the Austin community. As Mayor, I will put our children first and ensure our city will be as supportive of them as it has been to us. 

  • Work with local and state leaders to solve the AISD recapture system (a/k/a “Robin Hood”).
  • Mayor’s Intern Program placing high performing high school students in positions with Austin’s great businesses.
  • Bolster the City’s Safe Routes to School Program.
  • Maintain a 30-year time horizon when making any decision as Mayor. What kind of city are we leaving for our children?
  • Set up a sunset review process for all current and future city plans to make sure they are still needed or need to be updated.

A Safer Austin

Austin residents are concerned that our city is becoming less safe. As Mayor, I will make this a priority and make the tough choices to keep our city as safe as possible. 

  • Restore public safety staffing to needed levels. 
  • Improve community policing and make needed reforms to training, policies, and procedures. 
  • Solve homelessness: (1) end homeless camping; (2) provide rental assistance & housing to struggling families in need; (3) stop enabling drug addiction on our city streets; and (4) work with State and local leaders to identify funding for mental illness treatment and facilities.

Leadership For The Future

Technology and innovation are changing our world dramatically. As Mayor, I will work to embrace innovation while preserving Austin’s unique culture and build a thriving city for future generations. 

  • Create transportation systems that will ease traffic congestion and accommodate future growth. 
  • Maintain all of our parks & green spaces at a world-class level, as we should in a world-class city.
  • Preserve our historical & cultural assets, such as Lions Municipal Golf Course (a/k/a “Muny”), Zilker Park, and Roy G. Guerrero Park.
  • Leverage entrepreneurs and innovators to help us create solutions for the future.

Government That Serves

In many ways, governments and politicians have become corrupt and self-interested. As Mayor, I will make decisions that best serve the citizens of Austin, not the lobbyists or special interests at City Hall. 

  • Focus on improving our core government services and reduce wasteful or unproductive spending.
  • Shorten City Council meetings.
  • 5-Year prohibition against lobbying by city employees and Council Members and their staff.
  • End corporate subsidies and tax breaks.
  • Require City Council Members to disclose when voting on an issue that financially benefits a campaign donor.