The Economy & Cost of Living

Inflation and rising prices are having major impacts on our local economy, family budgets, and businesses. As Mayor, I will address the rising cost of living and champion a thriving economy.


  • Lower property tax bills.
  • Benchmark the senior & disabled homestead exemption.
  • Work with local and State leaders to solve the AISD recapture problem (a/k/a Robin Hood).
  • Streamline the permitting process and simplify the building codes to reduce the cost of and increase the supply of housing.
  • Support our local businesses.
  • Reduce water and energy bills.
  • See my full position paper on Austin’s land development code and housing issues here.

Public Safety

A series of decisions made by this City Council have contributed to rising crime and a decline in overall safety in Austin. As Mayor, I will prioritize the safety of Austin residents. 


  • Provide needed funding to the Austin Police Department.
  • Increase the frequency and amount of police cadet classes immediately.
  • Improve recruitment and retention by implementing incentives and greater recruitment efforts.
  • Increase community policing time.
  • Reduce animosity against police by City leadership.
  • See my full position paper on public safety here.

Effectively Address Homelessness

Our approach to homelessness going forward needs to focus on improving outcomes through proven strategies, helping as many people as possible, and addressing the problem comprehensively. 


  • Fully enforce the public camping ban. No exceptions.
  • Effectively use existing resources to prevent an increase in homelessness.
  • Ensure accountability and transparency for existing homeless housing and service providers.
  • Stop allowing open drug use on Austin’s streets and underpasses.
  • Work with state leaders to increase mental health funding and facilities.
  • See my full position paper on homelessness in Austin here.

Spend Money Wisely

As a city government, we do not have unlimited funds to spend. Raising taxes and bills every year is not sustainable. With inflation and rising prices impacting families and businesses, we have to maximize the public’s return on investment.


  • Comprehensive review of all city expenditures. 
  • Focus on the quality of core municipal services, such as transportation, public safety, and infrastructure.
  • Create a sunset review process for all current and future city plans.
  • Improve the metrics we use for all city spending and programs and review those metrics annually for accountability.

Service & Leadership

In many ways, politicians have become corrupt and self-interested, instead of focusing on solving problems. As Mayor, I will make decisions with the future in mind, that best serve the citizens of Austin, and reduce the influence of special interests and lobbyists at City Hall. 


  • Make decisions with a 30-year time horizon, ensuring our city is as wonderful for our children as it has been for us.
  • Use innovation to create transportation systems that will ease traffic congestion and accommodate future growth.
  • Maintain all of our park and green spaces at a world-class level.
  • Preserve Austin’s historical and cultural assets and facilities.
  • Champion anti-corruption measures such as increased disclosures, prohibitions on lobbying after working at City Hall, and eliminating favoritism.