Austin City Council

District 10


Dear Neighbors,

I am disappointed to see the kind of campaign the incumbent is running against me. 
As Alter's desperation grows, she continues to run a campaign based on lies and personal attacks.
Her latest mailer suggests that I want to remove restrictions on developers and allow unrestricted development in neighborhoods. 
This couldn't be further from the truth. Here are some facts: 
I'm against increasing residential density in District 10. Anyone who has read my campaign platform would know this to be the case.
Alter claims that she is, but that's not how she voted. She voted for Project Connect which will DESTROY single-family neighborhoods in Central Austin. Once that train is running, the pressure to build more dense housing in those neighborhoods will become overwhelming. 
Project Connect is every developer's dream. If you have any doubts, just look at the hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations that were poured into the PACs supporting Prop. A by real estate developers. 
Alter has repeatedly failed her constituents by supporting measures like Prop. A which did not have support in our district.
Alison Alter, voters will remember that you are running a campaign based on lies when they show up to the polls.

-Jennifer Virden